“ Pera Express” was founded in 2012 year. Since its inception our company is developing deliberate and steadily, which is reflected in the annual growth of our customers and cargo transportation. Expansion of service spheres and areas has give us a chance to take a reliable place as a trustworthy partner in local and international market.

We are the partners with more than 100 leading forwarder companies in the world.

Our company’s main activities are:

- Logistics, Forwarding, Shipping agency
- Providing International and local transportation and Sea and Inland transportation
- Selection the optimal route for every transaction and supervise for being most profitable in any financial cases
- Export-import planning in agreed terms with a customer and get appropriate permits in all related organizations
- To issue Customs declaration into the related customs services and performing all other customs procedures
- Cargo insurance and solving all related problems
- Our service is insured, which gives the client guarantee that the losses arising at any stage of our services will be refunded.

Responsibility and taking care about the cargo are one of the most strongest parts of the company. In the sphere of International Transportation, one of the most important things is safety and if the Logistics Company is ready to take a risk and to cover the loss in case of cargo damage.


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    According all above mentioned we are ready to fulfill your commercial plans almost in any place of the world. We are ready to be your representative in the local and international agencies as well as in the private legal entities and state agencies without getting out of your office.

    We are ready to take full responsibility for your cargo transportation, Agency, Logistics and Expeditions without leaving your working place. 

    As well we are ready to consult you free any time for choosing optimal version ,offer you competitive price and answer your additional questions which concerns all above mentioned procedures and services.