Trucking Service

Out of gauge cargo is one of the non-standard sizes which cannot be transported by ordinary truck or container. The dimensions of out of gauge cargo are more than 13.6 m of length, 2.5 m of width, 3 m of height and 24 tone of weight. 
The transportation of out of gauge cargo needs special technics and permissions, but the main task is the right management of the perfect engineering plan. 
Our company has a great capability of maintaining out of gauge cargo transporting from any European country towards Georgia.  
The following tasks are served by our company referred to out of gauge cargo transportation:

  • Planning transportation routes and schedule;
  • Selection and scheduled delivery of special technics needed for the transportation;
  • Preparing of special permissions and other documentation;
  • Control of loading and unloading of the out of gauge cargo from the side of security manager;
  • Organization of secure and escort.