Trucking Service

"Pera express" offers ship's agency service at both Georgian ports, Poti and Batumi. Agency service implies services from nomination date up to vessel departure. Having years of experience on logistics sphere our agency team is well experienced and qualified in observing, handling and conducting ship's agency service which implies the following:
Pls see below listed the main listed points covering agency service:

  • Agency nomination acceptance (e-mailing/software)
  • Issuing of Proforma Disbursement Account to the Owners
  • Port Authorities relations
  • Customs relations
  • Immigration Police Authorities relations
  • Arrival notices to port authorities
  • Arrival notices to Immigration Police and Customs
  • Notices of berthing prospects to all parties concerned
  • Creating and preparing of all documentations for vessel’s berthing and inward formalities
  • Visiting Immigration Police Office, Customs Office for necessary documentations delivery
  • Inward formalities (attending by agent and immigration police officers on board)
  • Drawing up of Ship’s Pre-Arrival Information for Harbor Master
  • Reporting to all parties concern about handling activities (three times a day)
  • Creating Principal’s Software of daily changes
  • Observation of handling operation during vessel’s stay in port
  • visiting Commercial Department of the Port, Poti Pilots office, Hydrographic Service Office, Harbor Master Office to get the invoices for vessel’s port charges
  • Arranging for fuel, fresh water, provisions and technical supply, repairs, crew change, medical attendance to crew-members and passengers as required by the Master, in each particular case with his previous approval of the cost and other conditions of the services
  • Coordinating and controlling these services always endeavoring to minimize their cost and prevent delay of the vessel
  • Issuing Bill of Lading and Cargo Manifest (in case of loading operations)
  • Outturn port cargo reporting
  • Drawing up of Ship’s Pre-departure Information for Harbor Master
  • Issuing and drawing up of Harbor Master Clearance
  • Issuing of Statement of Facts
  • Preparation and drawing up of departure documents
  • Visiting Immigration Police Office, Customs Office for necessary documentations delivery
  • Outward formalities (attending by agent and immigration police officers on board)
  • Sailing reporting
  • Departure notices to port authorities
  • Summary sailing reporting
  • Creating software system of Principal (if requested)
  • Creating Final DA set and providing same by e-mail to Ship's Owners with further originals sending via post


The diverse nature of Breakbulk and Project Cargo demands innovative Chartering solutions. The expertise within the Gianti Team allows us to regularly fix vessels with different Charter Parties from Part Cargo, Voyage Charter, Time Charter and Contracts of Affreightment. With an open and honest approach, we are available to assist with your specific needs. 
With established contacts in both cargo and vessel markets, we can offer information on freight rates in differing sectors.  Relationships with vessel owners, built up over a number of years throughout worldwide, alongside a proven track record of high quality, innovative solutions enables The Gianti Group to offer a confidential and proficient service. 


If you are looking for a company offering freight services in Port of Poti & Batumi, Gianti Logistics is the perfect choice, not only for our expertise, but we offer a full range of services perfect for anyone looking into Transiting, Importing and Exporting though Georgia via Sea, Road and Rail. 
We have qualified representatives in local Ports, so we can ensure that all port operations are performed properly.
Port Services shortlist:

  • A full spectrum of agency service
  • Identification of cargo parameters, selection of loading-discharging works method
  • Organization & Supervision/control of Stevedoring operations/works
  • Cargo survey reporting
  • Preparation of disposition & lashing/fastening schemes for standard, non-standard & over-weight cargoes at/on transport means
  • D/L/S - Dunnaging, Lashing and Securing of cargo
  • Short & Long Term Warehousing/Storage

Our primer approach - maintaining communication and control through all phases of the cargo journey, including the real time reports.